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A warm welcome to our new team members.  After a few very busy months of hiring, we want to take a minute to introduce our newest team members.  Say Hello to Chris Wright (Client Development Co-ordinator), Shona Rock (Test Engineer), Chris Ellis (Senior Software Engineer) and Gilly Swift (Financial Administrator).  We also have Trudy Ward, our KTP Business Analyst on board.

Chris Wright (Client Development Co-ordinator)

I’ve lived, studied and worked in Cornwall for the last 10 years, even gaining a degree in Surf Science and Technology (yep that’s right). In my spare time, I run a landscape photography business, capturing the beauty of Cornwall. I enjoy nothing more than getting out into the amazing Cornish countryside with my pooch.

Gilly Swift (Finance Administrator)

Originally from Truro, I moved back to Cornwall from London 6 years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle and retrieve some work-life balance.  I love to keep active and pole dance at home and in various classes around the country.  I also attend adult ballet classes and go for long walks with my husband and friends.  I love arts and crafts – painting, lampshade making, needle felting, crocheting – you name it I’ve tried it or have it on my to do list.  I love my new job at Bluefruit, which has already given me lots of new challenges and opportunities including starting my AAT level 2 course at Truro College and joining the Social Guild.

Chris Ellis (Senior Software Developer)

I’m a Physics graduate with experience in Defence, Broadcasting and Medical sectors. I spent most of my childhood in the Middle East. I love playing guitar, with 80s rock being a particularly non-guilty pleasure. I’ve practiced martial arts for many years, some Karate and a few styles of Kung Fu (Shaolin is my favourite).  I’m a big fan of video games, and in particular, have an unhealthy love of Tetris and hold strong opinions on rotation systems. I got started with programming by teaching myself QBasic so I could experiment with writing my own games.

Shona Rock (Test Engineer)

I have made a career change from my previous job as an Information Analyst in the NHS.  I am looking forward to having a more ‘hands on’ role and I am enjoying the steep learning curve so far! Outside of work and having fun with my two young sons, I spend my spare time on various crafting hobbies including knitting, crochet, and sewing.

Trudy Ward (KTP Business Analyst)

I joined Bluefruit on a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Plymouth, to help us develop the medical device and compliance aspects of our business.  After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Business Enterprise in 2015, the study bug has bitten me and I’m still working towards my Ph.D. during my time here at Bluefruit.  When I don’t have my head in the books, I enjoy traveling, good food and spending time with my family.

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