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We talk a lot about the benefits and value of using Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) in our embedded software development practices. But we appreciate that while some people are fans, not everyone knows how to apply these practices to their own embedded software development work. So, we’ve started offering bespoke training courses for software teams who would like to start using and applying TDD and BDD in their work.

The training is run by software engineers within Bluefruit Software, who have been using TDD and BDD for years and have a unique understanding of the challenges in applying these practices to embedded systems and software. We’ve built our knowledge and training up inhouse, using it to bring on new developers within Bluefruit, who may be brand new to the concept.

Each training session is built around a client’s specific needs, their team dynamic and their current level of knowledge in the space.

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If you are interested in speaking with us about TDD or BDD training for your team, please get in touch.

Is TDD or BDD training right for me?

Still trying to decide if TDD is right for you? Here is an excellent video from our Head of Development Byran Wills-Heath speaking on TDD at Agile on the Beach.

Still trying to decide if TDD is right for you?

We can help you consider if TDD or BDD training is right for you team, so please get in touch.

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