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Byran Wills-Heath

Head of Development

With a decade of experience in embedded software under his belt and a degree in Computer Science from Exeter University, Byran thrives on working with different technologies and seeing the finished product go to market. As with the rest of the Bluefruit team, Byran believes communication and feedback are paramount to successful working, and practices what he preaches regarding leadership style and customer focus. He loves to witness the creation of innovative, exciting software that breaks the boundaries of convention.

Emma Bullen

HR Lead

Emma is the person we turn to for all advice on people matters, helping us ensure we run a happy ship and stay on the right side of the many parts of employment law. Emma is particularly interested in promoting health and wellbeing for all employees and she is well versed in inclusion and diversity matters. She is a law graduate who has had over 8 years experience of senior HR roles.  Emma is a self-confessed ‘foodie’ and enjoys green laning with a local Land Rover group.

Matthew Verran

Operations Director

Matt discovered his passion for programming at eight, on a ZX Spectrum, which laid the foundations for his future career path. He holds a computer science degree from Manchester Met. Matt worked for 15 years within the videogame sector, including 10 years at Sony PlayStation in Central London and Liverpool. Originally from Cornwall, he moved back in 2012 to start his career at Bluefruit Software. Matt enjoys building effective teams and is strongly focused on collaboration.

Paul Massey


Paul has been programming commercially since his teenage years and is the leader at the top of the Bluefruit tree. Starting his career with a work experience placement at a Cornish engineering firm, he has held various roles within the software industry. He started his business in 2000: Bluefruit Software (formerly Absolute Software Ltd.). As Director, developer and consultant Paul believes that mutual respect and staying grounded is key for quality leadership and continual improvement. He does this by empowering his team to make the right decisions and maintaining client relationships. His focus on quality in embedded software through Lean-Agile processes is exceptional in the embedded space.

Robert Salvoni

Non-Executive Director

With sixteen years of military experience, Robert is a man well versed in strategy, tactics and operational execution. Robert has enjoyed high-profile roles within a number of successful technology companies; including the launch of his own brainchild⁠—BT Openworld. Following leadership roles in a number of successful software and research companies, Robert followed his heart to Cornwall where he started consultancy practice Park House Ventures Ltd. He provides expert guidance to Bluefruit and a selection of other businesses in a non-executive Director role.

Steve Forth

Financial Director

Steve’s ethos of ‘nothing is impossible’ is something he brings to work every day in his role as Financial Director – Bluefruit’s people person. Thriving on building a team and giving people responsibility, Steve loves to watch people’s skills evolve as they achieve their goals. Steve is an Enterprise Advisor to Cornish schools and is committed to developing software career opportunities for young people in Cornwall. Steve’s scientific background includes a degree in research chemistry, two decades in the chemical industry and time spent working for a leading American computer company, as well as other roles – in one of which he first met Paul Massey, Bluefruit’s future Director.