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Our Industries

Place your embedded software project in our hands

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked on quality-critical embedded software development and testing for over 100 different products with end users in commercial or consumer markets. One thing all our clients have in common is a need for an embedded software partner who they can trust to deliver against technical, compliance, and business requirements.

From point-of-care devices to home heating control, to helicopters and laboratory water systems, to legacy gas analysis equipment and record-breaking yachts: quality-driven embedded software development takes a focused, adaptable and knowledgeable team. Bluefruit’s teams work closely with clients to navigate everything from difficult technical challenges to writing code that can pass even the most rigorous compliance requirements.

Across Bluefruit we have a wide range of skilled individuals including Embedded Software Engineers, Software Testers, Quality Analysts, Compliance Specialists, Security Experts and UX Specialists. This allows us to put together custom teams to suit the needs of every client, flexing and adjusting the mix when different skills are needed. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and work hard to build the right team for your embedded software project.

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Are you starting a new software project? Or are you looking to update an existing product?

A successful project is a balance between technical requirements, potential compliance obligations, business needs, financial pressures, and team dynamics. We find this is best met by taking a bespoke approach to every brief. Our team take the time to not only listen to your requirements but to explore them in-depth together. This results in a detailed assessment of your software needs and a proposal that focuses on providing you value as early as possible, no matter where you are at in your project lifecycle.

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