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Hardware Development Services

Dedicated in-house hardware development specialists

Hardware development presents a significant risk to your project. Get it wrong and you could be looking at extended software development times, an underperforming end-product or, worst case, a device that isn’t fit for purpose. This is especially important in heavily regulated and quality-critical industries such as medtech, automotive, and aerospace.

The greater the disconnect between a hardware team and a software team or key stakeholders and users, the more likely you will experience issues. There’s a similar risk in choosing your hardware too early.

Bluefruit’s in-house hardware team allows us to close feedback loops and tightly integrate hardware and embedded software.

This means:

  • Faster development times
  • Not wasting time or money on poorly chosen components
  • Software that’s written to work with hardware, not despite it (and vice-versa)
  • A superior finished product

Bluefruit’s 3D prototyping software

Whether CAD designs or printed models, 3D prototypes are invaluable to device development. They allow project stakeholders at all levels to visualise, understand, and contribute to a product’s evolution. They can be used to identify previously hidden issues, generate valuable user feedback from usability testing, or even help secure funding from investors.

Bluefruit’s 3D prototyping software, Impression XR, delivers working virtual prototypes quickly and affordably.

A full suite of hardware services

With almost 22 years of experience, our in-house hardware specialists can help with any aspect of your device, from design to production. Services include:

  • Schematic capture
  • Component selection
  • PCB layouts
  • Prototyping
  • Compliance
  • EMC testing
  • Safety
  • Mechanical Design

Case studies for hardware development

Hardware insights from our blog

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Whether you’re planning a device or have already begun development, we’re here to help. To discuss your hardware or embedded software requirements, contact us: