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Embedded Software Testing

Embedded software testing is an integral, integrated part of our software service offering. We can provide automated software testing as a stand-alone solution or as a part of your project. Our software development teams each have at least one tester as a standard. 

As a quality-driven company, we believe in conducting rigorous and continuous software testing throughout development rather than leaving it all until the end. This enables us to catch bugs early and to minimise the cost of fixing them.  

This test-first approach to software development ensures the long-term health of your product, allowing for continuous improvement, innovation and scalability, all supported by a practice that builds quality into every line of code. 

Discover our embedded software testing services and techniques:

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How can we help you with your compliance needs? 

For clients in sectors with strict regulatory compliance requirements, such as medical, chemical, automotive, and aerospace, our test processes can be adapted to fit your needs.  

Our test-first approach allows us to clearly track and document development choices and software changes, improving overall traceability. Implemented properly, combining  Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development can help turn compliance from a burden into an opportunity to bring real, tangible value to your products, stakeholders and end users. 

Supporting verification and validation for compliance 

Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development are both powerful tools for meeting  verification and validation for software in medical devices. TDD supports verification, while BDD upholds verification. 

Both help identify interrelationships within the code base and provide practical evidence of compliance with IEC 62304.

What does test-first look like at Bluefruit Software? 

Bluefruit’s test-first mindset is shared by both our software and test engineering teams. Testing is an integral part of our two-week sprints, woven into several processes that enable us to deliver Lean-Agile software development. 

Our test-first approach focuses on capturing the intent behind requirements rather than just implementing solutions. In doing so, we significantly improve efficacy from 60% to 85%. This approach ensures that our software meets the intended goals and requirements from the outset, reducing rework and enhancing overall quality. 

Set up a call with us to find out how a test-first approach can help with your software project!
"Paul and his team have worked with us on a number of projects and bring an extra dimension to software product development in terms of their commitment and technical expertise. "
- Richard O’Neill, AGC Instruments

Looking for quality-focused embedded software engineers and testers? You’ve found them.

Bluefruit Software has over 20 years of experience delivering high-quality software development and testing for embedded system software. With clients across medtech, industrial, scientific, agritech and aerospace, we’re well prepared to help your team with your latest project.

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