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Pricing built for quality-focused projects

The average minimum cost of a two-week sprint from Bluefruit is £30,000.

Most of our clients have projects that last for five to eight sprints. For projects in their first year, Bluefruit is better value for money than an in-house team or contractors.

Teams and price

What affects a sprint’s cost depends on the work’s nature. Is it:

  • Basic software development on an existing project? There will be a mix of senior and junior software developers and testers.
  • A consultation? Leading senior specialists from Bluefruit closely examine your challenges and build guidance tailored to your situation. The price of consultation can vary far more widely than development work. It could start as low as £1,250.
  • A full-on software development project for a greenfield product or to modernise a legacy system? There will be a mix of senior and junior software developers, software testers, UX specialists, software analysts, and compliance experts.

You should note that our developers never write code without our software testers testing it.

Value for money

But how does the cost of working with Bluefruit stack against contractors and in-house teams? (Aside from the quality of work and knowledge that we bring to a project.)

Contractors—with a UK average day rate of £600, and the complexity of navigating IR35, Bluefruit will always work out more cost effective.

You’ll only need to onboard us as part of your procurement process rather than recruitment and payroll. Bluefruit has complete teams, ensuring you’ll always have people available to work on your project, helping you keep the pace you need to stay on schedule. Meanwhile, a contractor will still need a team lead to keep them on track.

In-house teams—Bluefruit are better value for money in the first year and become less cost-effective as you build up your in-house team.

If you can find the right people and establish good processes, then an in-house team takes one to three years to become as productive as a pre-formed, high-performing team. But building an in-house team can take longer.

Once you’ve set up your team, they’ll be better value. To help you and your team move away from us, we ensure we code and build documentation with high conceptual integrity. Doing this ensures your in-house team can take it all on once they’re ready to be involved full-time without us.

Complexity affects price

The above depends on the complexity of your project.

Poor-quality existing code

For instance, existing code will not necessarily bring your costs down. If that codebase has no unit tests, has high complexity (“spaghetti code”) and is full of technical debt? That will take time and skill to work on and improve.

Highly-regulated spaces

Is your product for a highly regulated industry? Where each process, the choices made in code, and so on need to be recorded right from the get-go? If you’ve failed in documenting all that? That isn’t a refactoring project. That’s a rewrite.

Unknown unknowns

And finally, if we find “unknown unknowns”? (The things you didn’t know, you didn’t know at the start of a project.) Time spent dealing with those will affect project costs. Planning will only get you so far in knowing what to expect in a project.

Frequently asked questions

We build bespoke teams based on technical and project requirements. We do this to supply the right level of experience your project needs to succeed.

Bluefruit quotes a blended day rate lower than the UK average contractor day rate. The average contractor day rate in the UK is £600 for a single engineer, not a team. (Contractor rates correct as of June 2022.)

A blended day rate is where team members “blend” together their joint expertise and experience without having to bill separately for each team member.

Having a blended rate and team means each team is guaranteed a mix of experience and skills. Enabling teams to respond to emerging knowledge efficiently and effectively and quickly identify and start solving problems.

And we also have teams with specialisms, such as cloud technology, IoT, BLDC motors, AI, and more.

Bluefruit Software does not often work with fixed-cost contracts, but the scope will not be fixed when we do. Why? Fixed cost makes scope challenging because we work hard to ensure quality is front and centre in your project. Instead, Bluefruit favours time-and-materials contracts built on our Lean-Agile processes to minimise risk and waste for all parties.

Usually, our clients fit into one of three spend profiles. Where they fit affects how much their project costs on average.

The first profile has a small project that only needs a few sprints. They might be a startup or an established company testing the waters in a new product area.

Is compliance an issue, such as medtech or aerospace?

  • No: projects average £60,000.
  • Yes: projects average £90,000.

The second profile has an entire project with many sprints. Again, compliance can affect the cost.

Spend here averages £200,000 – £500,000.

The third profile spends annually with Bluefruit, working across one or several long-term projects. They have sprints throughout the year.

Clients within this profile spend at least £1.2 million annually with Bluefruit.

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❝ A 'can do' approach shines through on each project, with customer satisfaction very much at the top of the list. ❞

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