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Working at Bluefruit

We currently don’t hire! Please check back in the future.

The people who work at Bluefruit are passionate about technology, love to solve problems and enjoy working for a quality-driven software company.

Bluefruit is people

We believe that a happy and non-stressed team enable us to deliver to the highest quality to our clients. We also work hard to make Bluefruit a place where people love to work. In an industry where there is a reputation for huge turnover, we’re proud to have a less than 4% turnover rate.

Bluefruit received 5 star rating at Glassdoor

Across all our roles, we pride ourselves on working with our people to encourage and support them. We provide training, pairing and personal development opportunities at all levels and across all teams. Everyone can explore their full potential and continue to grow within their role. Where possible we also look to promote within Bluefruit, giving our people a chance to grow and develop.

Bluefruit is dedicated to diversity in tech, we use non-biased recruitment practices to ensure we’re hiring based on skill and potential not your personal background. We believe that the best software is created by diverse teams.

We are proud to be a Real Living Wage Employer.

“Cornish companies have to be more accommodating so people can enjoy the environment they’re in. What’s the point of living near so many beaches if people don’t have time to enjoy them?”

Paul Massey, Bluefruit Software Founder

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