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Aerospace Software Development for Compliance and Innovation

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Quality-focused aerospace software development for your project

How do you achieve safety and security-focused software engineering in aerospace software development?

You focus on producing high-quality software for your systems. That’s how.

At Bluefruit Software, we specialise in aerospace software development, putting people and quality first in all our client projects. Developing safe and secure code that leaves room for innovation.

Reduce complexity, increase quality

A graphic with information around lean-agile.If you want an approach to aerospace software engineering that ensures your codebase:

  • Puts the brakes on technical debt;
  • Is ready for evolving features and user needs;
  • Meets your compliance requirements;
  • Is easy to work in;
  • Can drive your project forward.

Then you want a ready-formed, high-performing embedded software team. Our teams are quality-driven, working to Lean-Agile principles and practices.

Work with Bluefruit, and you’ll enjoy processes that increase project pace without sacrificing quality.

Existing client work

Our projects for Helitune and Oxford University have both benefitted from:

  • Waste reduction and efficiency gains through Lean-Agile principles and practices;
  • Compliance successfully blended with Lean-Agile, without compromising either;
  • Access to software engineers, testers, analysts, plus UX and human factors experts;
  • Test-Driven Development that sees unit tests written before code;
  • Behaviour-Driven Development that maps features to requirements;
  • Experience in embedded software development for low-level code.

Our work for Helitune included meeting the DO-178B standard. Meanwhile, our work for Oxford University has supported the Square Kilometre Array.

Revolutionary R&D in edge AI

Funding from AeroSpace Cornwall has helped Bluefruit Software develop edge AI. What’s the difference between edge AI and AI hosted in large data centres? Edge AI works in the restricted hardware environments you find embedded software in.

Our R&D has created diagnostic, edge AI that acts as a virtual sensor and infers system states with or without extra, physical sensors. And without a constant connection to a cloud provider or your own data centre.

It’s suitable for aerospace diagnostics, including the use of digital twins.

Why Bluefruit Software?

If you’re looking for a partner who can drive your project forward, Bluefruit is the team for you. From R&D through to established legacy systems: we can help.

With Bluefruit, you’ll benefit from:

  • Flexible teams of embedded software engineers, testers, software analysts, and user experience specialists who can work with your existing team.
  • Coding and testing processes that hook in with your quality management system.
  • Development practices that cut the risk of legacy code.
  • Experience in living documentation and test automation deployment, should you need it.
  • Skills in, but not limited to:
    • Assembly, C, C++, Rust, Verilog and many other programming languages;
    • Bare metal, RTOS, Embedded Linux;
    • Embedded system security;
    • Artificial intelligence, including on-device/edge AI and sensorless diagnostics through virtual sensors;
    • IoT and IIoT;
    • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS);
    • Multiple connectivity protocols;
    • Verification and validation;
    • User interface development.
  • Knowhow in software for low-power systems or systems in extreme environments.
  • Proven ability in rapid prototyping using Lean based, user-centric design.

Whether your project is for helicopters, radio telescopes, satellites, drones, robots, ground control or spaceflight: Bluefruit has a team of aerospace software engineers and testers for you.

Case studies and insights

❝ Paul and his team have worked with us on a number of projects and bring an extra dimension to software product development in terms of their commitment and technical expertise. ❞

Richard O’Neill, AGC Instruments

❝ A 'can do' approach shines through on each project, with customer satisfaction very much at the top of the list. ❞

Clive Wilson, Drayton

❝ With years of working together, we regard Bluefruit as a valued extension of our internal product development team. ❞

Lee Underwood, ELGA LabWater

❝ Bluefruit provide a professional, innovative and technical team in a very friendly environment. They display a culture of continuous improvement in everything they do for us, this and their positive approach to every challenge makes them a great partner to work with. ❞