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farming for the future

You work with doers. The experienced. The puzzle solvers.

Feeding a world of billions is one of the biggest challenges faced by food producers today. And it’s happening while agriculture undergoes its biggest advances since the industrial revolution of the 1800s. Automation, precision machinery, and robots are changing the face of farming and you and your customers are at the forefront of this.

The experience, processes and skills that Bluefruit apply to embedded software development for agriculture software that compliments advances in electronics and automation within agritech.


Keen knowledge in motors and electronics is critical to supporting the future of agricultural technologies around the globe. We have agriculture software developers who are specialists in software engineering for electronic systems and motors, making them the perfect partners for clients looking to make agricultural innovations.

So, whether your latest product is for picking strawberries, advancing the automation of tractors, agriculture drone software, farm equipment maintenance software, sustainability and other large farm machinery, monitoring livestock or crops—Bluefruit has a team of software engineers and testers for you.

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❝ Paul and his team have worked with us on a number of projects and bring an extra dimension to software product development in terms of their commitment and technical expertise. ❞

Richard O’Neill, AGC Instruments

❝ A 'can do' approach shines through on each project, with customer satisfaction very much at the top of the list. ❞

Clive Wilson, Drayton

❝ With years of working together, we regard Bluefruit as a valued extension of our internal product development team. ❞

Lee Underwood, ELGA LabWater

❝ Bluefruit provide a professional, innovative and technical team in a very friendly environment. They display a culture of continuous improvement in everything they do for us, this and their positive approach to every challenge makes them a great partner to work with. ❞

Nancy Ashburn, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Are you starting a new software project? Or are you looking to update an existing product?

A successful project is a balance between technical requirements, potential compliance obligations, business needs, financial pressures, and team dynamics. We find this is best met by taking a bespoke approach to every brief. Our team take the time to not only listen to your requirements but to explore them in-depth together. This results in a detailed assessment of your software needs and a proposal that focuses on providing you value as early as possible, no matter where you are at in your project lifecycle.

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