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ELGA LabWater: Taking the complex and making it simple

ELGA LabWater is an integral part of Veolia Water Technologies. Renowned as world leaders in water treatment, ELGA LabWater manufacture water purification products for the biggest and most influential bodies in the scientific market. As ELGA’s principal embedded software providers, we were given the opportunity to reimagine and revamp their range of laboratory water system products.

Following the success of our first collaboration⁠—a reassessment of the PURELAB Flex⁠—ELGA LabWater looked to develop the PURELAB Chorus, a highly configurable water purification system.

This was a challenging project that required complex testing, ease of use consideration and constant amplified learning, and ultimately granted ELGA LabWater a new market footing.

Project outcome

  • Effectively combined branding and technology. The Chorus range has a strong user experience focus and ELGA brand values.
  • Extensive testing regime. An intensive create/implement/test regime was established to ensure world-class software reliability.
  • Successful amplified learning. The migration to a modular design was a new concept for both parties, and embracing this technology was instrumental in the project’s success.
  • Building on assets. The tools and learning that created the PURELAB Chorus software further established ELGA’s existing intellectual property.
"I regard Bluefruit as an extension of the internal development team"
- Lee Underwood, ELGA
"It’s been very rewarding helping develop products from early prototypes through to production, and then seeing Elga win awards"
- Byran Wills-Heath, Bluefruit

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