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Bluefruit is People

Our People

Being people first means we’ve built our company values around a belief that software teams perform their best when they have room to breathe and the freedom and support to explore new ideas. We empower our teams both on the project and business management level. We prioritise individuals and interactions. We encourage feedback. We invest in ongoing training and development.

Bluefruit is committed to the idea that diversity on teams results in a better outcome for all. As well as being a disability confident employer, during recruitment we apply a non-biased approach that focuses on skills, experience and potential. All of this helps us maintain a highly effective team of intelligent, curious people who enjoy challenges and have a passion for learning.

With an eye on the future, we are also involved in local software communities that encourage Cornish children into coding. Through supporting Software Cornwall, local schools and colleges, and other local initiatives around tech careers, we’re helping children in our community discover that a career in coding is possible.


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