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Drayton: proof of valuing people over processes

Drayton are a global technology company, and their work with large-scale industrial and commercial clients has seen them become acclaimed in technology design and manufacture.

A collaborative approach

A shared passion of embedded software and mutually engaging brand values led to Bluefruit Software being Drayton’s first foray—and subsequent success—into outsourcing design and development for four exclusive heating controllers.

Our impressive working practices and productivity of the development team marked a huge success for both parties, this led to establishing a solid client-supplier relationship. With Bluefruit working closely with Drayton’s team members, providing training consultation for the esteemed engineering and IT company.

What Drayton gained

  • Deadlines met with precision. The quick, resourceful and expert collaboration with our development team saw successful project delivery.
  • Confident and satisfied clients. After their first outsourcing experience Drayton were fully satisfied with our delivery on every level.
  • Advanced team training. We now contribute to Drayton’s Invensys team training and have introduced several of our own methods of project management.
  • Products customers want. This project has enabled Drayton to develop a richer portfolio of products, giving them a distinct advantage in a competitive industry.
"A ‘can do’ approach shines through on each project, with customer satisfaction very much at the top of the list."
- Clive Wilson, Drayton

We release software every two weeks, continuously listening and responding to your feedback. Our customised portal and regular face-to-face contact are integral to our interactive way of working and involving you at each and every turn.

"Drayton have been very open minded to adopting our processes and as a result we have been able to work together very closely, effectively operating as a single team. This level of collaboration has been really beneficial"
- Matthew Dodkins, Team Lead

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